Thursday, July 16, 2009

Green Supplier

Hello all,

After reading the 2 posts on "Green Mauritius" Blog, and according to my readers, many french mistakes were inside the text.

So i am trying to write this blog in english.

Today, is a quiet day.
But as usual we are replying to tender.

(As you may remember i am working in a furniture company)

This company is representing the most popular outdoor Brand in Indian Ocean.
These famous brands already have their green process, but they are still trying to improve it.

Such as Cane-Line, they are printing their catalog according the Nordic Eco Label. We all know that north of Europe is really involved in the environment.

Being environment friendly is becoming more and more important. But is it that important here in Mauritius ?

The country is growing, 20 years ago, Grand baie was empty with only 2 restaurants and one chinese shop. Now it's the "Saint Tropez" of Mauritius.

We can definitely see that the country is more rich.

The government is trying to settle an environmental friendly program with differents actions :
- New trees
- Littoral shape saving program
- ...

Recently i saw on the road an ad : "To G-T, To Ta-C".

Meaning that if you leave your garbadge somewhere you might have to pay a 6000 rs fine.

Very good step for Mother Nature.
The government is trying to educate the population.

It remembers me Reunion Island 10 years ago. It was a really dirty island.

People was throwing their garbadge everywhere. But now they are trying to be the first independant/Eco-friendly island on hearth.

Let's get back to our supplier.

This morning i was replying to a tender, and one of our good point to win this tender, is the Green Process of our Supplier Kingspan.

They are the only one supplier with FSC accreditation, for Access Flooring.

What is FSC ?

FSC is a stakeholder owned system for promoting responsible management of the wolrd's forests, and through consultative processes it sets international standards for responsible forest management.

Our customer, is very involved in the Mauritian Environment. Actually i think it's the most involved in the country.

In 2 years their new Building will be there, this building is really eco-friendly. As soon as i know more, i will let you know.

So, Mauritius is definitely starting something for the nature.

And Concept OL, we already have started our eco-revolution.