Friday, December 11, 2009

Green week.

Dear readers, Hello !

Well, it was a real good week.
Things are moving really fast over here. Is it because of Copenhague15 ?

I had a meeting with Mission Verte today. It was nice to finally meet them. It's'a bunch of very active (and proactive) person.

They are so sucessfull, that they have to decline partnership and projects from firms, association, NGo, ...
At this time, they are near to a big step in the life of Mission Verte.
And as i said earlier, 2010 will be a really positive year for Mauritius.

The government is finally reacting, and their MID idea is more than welcome among the population.

Association are growing : Mission Verte,

Events are on their way : ecobuilding from alive2green,

Recycling will be more reachable with the actions of local recycling companies (picture).

And the BIO label will be in our stables beginning of next year.

By the way, during our meeting. Mission Verte is getting a lot of complains regarding the garbages in front of the recycles Bins. Its a real problem, because if its keep going like that the city and landlord wont allow these box. So please let everybody know that in case of non recyclable garbage, please keep it with you.

Since its christmas time, all companies will be closed for 2 weeks... So no pick up of the containers during this period.

Have a nice (hot) day

Gregory Martin Tel : +230 422 53 54

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