Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Alive2green team !

Mauritius, good Evening !

Tonight it will be a post in english...
Let's see if my writing skills in the Shakespeare language is still ok.

Today was just a great day.
I had lunch with Gordon and Hans from alive2green, the company organising the conference ecobuilding in march (

We had the chance to discuss about a lots of points.
Of course the main were on recycling and ecology.

Gordon is from South Africa, and is one of the co-fondator of alive2green, present in ZA and US.
He arrived in Mauritius few months ago and is definitely sure that Mauritius can be an example for the world. And when you see that a lot's of architects and professionnal have replied by the positive to their conference, we can definitely think that Mauritius is on his way to the green field!

Hans is working with Gordon, he is mauritian, and really involved with a lots of organisations. Kind of the "Green Local Man" of alive2green. By the way good luck for the daily trip to office...

Well, what can i say on this meeting ? There are a lots of things to say, ideas, project, opinions ...
I will try not to lose my path and keep the same topic during the next lines.

These guys are trying to implement a synergize in the Mauritius' green life.
From meeting with the MID, to lunch with a modest blogger, they are contacting every companies, organisations and newspaper to create huge waves in the domain.
They are organising this conference in march, and trust me after spending only 1 hour with them, i am sure that it will worth the cost of the seat...

Well established in South Africa, Alive2green, has already done a lot for the earth with differents books and guide such as "Sustainable transport and mobility" or "Green Building". They are also organising events, involved with blogs and ejournal.

Like a math teacher teach you 1+1=2, Gordon showed me that even if Mauritius have differents population with differents purchase power, the eco-friendly products will be adopted by the whole market, because it's "trendy" and the more people will be interested in these products the less expansive it will be.
Well he didn't say it like that but you understood the idea.

It was definitely an interesting lunch.
Let's hope we will have the chance to organise a "Green" meeting next year with the major actors and NGO on a specific topic...wait a minute ! Eco-building Conference is the meeting we are looking for !

Ladies and Gentlemen, 2010 will be a year full of surprise for Mauritius ...

saVERT von votre !

Edit : The Eco-Austral magazine of this month is special "Green" ! Just rush to the nearest shop and just enjoy it !

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  1. Wish you all the best in your endeavor cos believe its not an easy task to save the planet or our small island...Hope 2010 will be full of positive planet attitude from everyone...cheers