Thursday, January 21, 2010


Hi all,

A short post tonight.
Nothing really happened in the news today regarding the environment.
But there are always a lot of things to say.

Well, the Missionverte website has been upload
The association seems to grow really fast. I met the team once during one of their meeting.
Very interesting to see what they can do with the small help they have.
But i am pretty sure that they will receive more help this year.

Alive2green, seems also to be well. Their event "ecobuilding" conference in march is 80% full and the schedule is very interesting.
More lectures, more stands ... I will meet the team Hans and Gordon tomorrow or next week.
Will try to let you know what is happening.

The fondation Maurice-Defi pour la terre, is getting more and more members.
We can follow almost every day in Lexpress, some advices on how to be an "eco-citizen"

I still owe you guys an interview of Maison de France in Grand Baie, a report on my action during the 24/7 of Grand Baie and more ...

Today a short post regarding the bins.
We can definitely see that more bins have been bought by the government.
I think it's the Ministry of Environment. These Apple Green boxes you can see almost everywhere.
Very good idea, unfortunately we have lost our in Trou Biches...Front of Scuba-Doo...
Thanks god there is someone in charge of cleaning the area everyday.

You will find an interesting idea for dustbin on the beach.

"Beach Bum, You Need To Use This

We know the drill about keeping our beaches clean, but most often the problem is that we have these stationary bins placed few and far between. And people being people, may suddenly decide to populate a secluded section of the beach, where no bins are handy. Solution: Dustbin 4 Beach. It’s this streamlined bin that can be pitched into the sand and is portable. The tapered base digs deep into the sand for stability. Line them with disposable bags and place them where the public is today!

Designers: Ji-in Byun, Cho Jung Seok & Oh Seul Ki"

That's all for today...

Have a nice evening.

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