Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Hi all,

We are far from one post in French and English.
Time is not with us...

You will find in this post differents links to eco-blog in Mauritius.

- http://foreverblue-org.blogspot.com/ Or FOREVERBLUE is an organisation for sea life in Mauritius.

Last posts were mainly on the turtles.

Another Blog is :

- http://ambre-ecoproject.blogspot.com/ or Ambre Ecoproject.
Well everything is in the name of the title.

"Ambre is an islet situated North East of Mauritius inside the lagoon. Our NGO, Forever Blue has launched a project in order to preserve this area rich in biodiversity with the help of the GEF/SGP programme of the United Nations Development Programme and UNEP WioLab.

UNDP Contacts
- http://un.intnet.mu/UNDP/html/mauritius/contacts.htm
UNDP program website and contacts.

Mission Verte
The famous organisation doing a great job in recycling.
Website will be updated soon with green advices.

Defi pour la Terre
The Nicolas-Hulot Association coming in Mauritius. You can hear and read it almost everyday. Very interesting advices for a green-living.

Cyber Dodo
A Website mixing child education and eco-living

Eco Building
- www.ecobuilding.mu
The website of Ecobuilding in Mauritius. (Conference in March ! Do not miss it )
From Alive2green

Emma Blog on Eco-building
Son interview ici : Lien

Ministry of Environment of Mauritius
- http://www.gov.mu/portal/site/menvsite/menuitem.7612218110c9f6a9cf6d2f2ba0208a0c/

Well i am pretty sure that the list is longer.
It's quite late i don't really remember everybody, si please send me an email if you want to appear here (gregory.p.martin@gmail.com)

It's a shame we (eco-website) are not sharing informations or data. So we don't know when an event is occuring, or a conference.

Let's try to be more connected...

Sorry for this empty post...

Savert-von votre !


  1. Merci pour ces quelques liens très intéressants ! A+

  2. Merci Jérémie Pour ton soutien ces derniers temps ! Fais tu quelque chose dans l'environnement ? Une etude, Un travail, un interet particuliers ?